Latest Works

Turning the Wheel

I fell in love with these kickwheels as an apprentice in Japan, and I have been using them almost forty years now. I use these wheels because they are just way more fun to work on! I like to feel my energy going directly into the clay without relying on an electronic wheel.

  • Wild Clays Sourced Locally

    Clays from Hawk Mountain and the mouth of the Susquehana River (Stancill's clay) consitute my cantankerous clay body.

  • Natural Ash Glazes

    Corn stalks, bamboo, and wood are burned into ash to make my glazes. I also use creek clay from the stream by my house. I add feldspar and a few other materials from the ceramic supply house.

  • Chanoyu Utensils

    I have been making various forms for Chanoyu since 1989, and am pleased to be in collaboration with the Tea practitioner community through this cooperative engagement.

  • "Willi’s pots are beautiful to feel, use or just gaze upon.  The pots carry their shape with proportion and grace.  The feel of a piece, the heft, and the texture just beneath the glaze are special.  Whether I am drinking from a simple hand made cup or serving food on a one-of-a-kind elegant platter, there is such a connection to earth, fire, and air that always makes my day."

    - Janet Silva

  • "Willi's pottery brings to life the spirit of Japanese ceramic aesthetics in modern America.  I have happily used his work in Japanese Tea-Ceremony for over 25 years."

    - Austin Ravi Babcock

  • "The light grace I feel in my hands when I pick up his bowls always catches me off guard and brings me to the present. The textures, balance, depth in glaze, and rawness exude skill. These pieces are powerful presences in both a humble and a lavish home."

    - Julia Mickley, Fairbanks, Alaska